Lansing Custom Bathroom Cabinets

If you need effortless planning, designing, and construction of a bathroom, American Home Kitchen & Bath has your back. We know that some homeowners struggle with decision-making during bathroom renovations or new constructions and are here to help. One of our focus areas is cabinetry. We have customizable solutions that can fit your specific needs. Most brands we provide have been in the industry for many years, building a great reputation for the quality of their products. That means you cannot go wrong with our Lansing custom bathroom cabinets.




  • Consult a Designer: We offer consultation services that outline the needs and wants of our clients. Your first meeting with us will not cost you any money – it gives us insight into your expectations. We listen as you share your vision, allowing us to picture the bathroom space with the new cabinet fixtures for a perfect design outcome. The best part is that custom cabinets suit any space regardless of its uniqueness.
  • Design: You need a design layout to ensure seamless installation of the custom bathroom cabinets in Lansing MI. We do not stop until you are satisfied with the design. We include 3D renderings in the design process to depict how the cabinets will look.
  • Implement: The final stage is implementing the design. Cabinet installation happens as the outcome materializes. The best part about using Lansing custom bathroom cabinets is that they match your unique style 100%. The final result will be as you imagined. Our involvement will not be an issue as we can work with builders and contractors to see you achieve your dream bathroom.




Do not shy off if you do not have a vision of the new custom bathroom cabinets in Lansing MI. Our talented and knowledgeable crew will ensure you get the ideal cabinets for your space. We maximize storage without compromising beauty. Some of our considerations include:

  • Your budget
  • Your wants and needs
  • Cabinet quality




Call us at (517) 349-4690, and we will start working on your Lansing custom bathroom cabinets. Our team will work closely with you until the project’s completion.