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    Tell Us More About Your Design

    **Note: Please note what must stay in existing location (Ex: sink, gas, stove, fridge, etc.)

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    **Note: Space will be quoted with standard edge, unless otherwise specified. All tops include installation; excluding laminate and wood

    Laminate - An affordable, low maintenance option for someone who wants the look of granite or quartz at a much lower price point. Laminate countertops are made from layers of plastic bonded to particle board.

    Solid Surface (Corian) - A nonporous, low maintenance material that mimics the appearance of natural stone. Corian is made from an acrylic polymer and offers an endless variety of patterns and colors.

    Granite - A common and affordable natural stone that is known for its exceptional durability, heat resistance, and easy maintenance.

    Quartz - A durable, low maintenance engineered stone that is also resistant to bacteria and staining.

    Wood Top/Butcher Block - A unique way to bring natural elements into your interior that can be both functional and decorative.

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    Tell Us More About Your Style

    (**Please specify. (This could reference bases, island, countertops, etc.))

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    Your Desires, Wishes, and Needs

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    Current or new appliances to accommodate for. Check all that apply.

    (ONLY necessary for custom paneling.)

    **Note: Standard 24", unless otherwise specified.

    **Note: Standard 24", unless otherwise specified.

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    Upload Files

    Please upload measures, photos of existing space, and any inspiration photos you would like to share with us. Thank you for taking the time to help us understand your project. A designer will contact you if any additional information is necessary.


    When you click on “Click to Set Your Appointment”, we will email you a Dropbox link to submit photos that will be used to review your project. A Dropbox folder will be created with your name to organize your photos for review to prepare for your virtual consultation.

    The following is a list of photos that will be required to submit:

    • Photo of existing vanity and mirror. (Bathroom)
    • Photo of existing bath/shower. (Bathroom)
    • Photo of existing commode. (Bathroom)
    • Photo of flooring.
    • Photo of existing ceiling fan. (If present)
    • Overall photo of kitchen/bathroom capturing as much as possible.

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    I came to American Home looking for help selecting tile for my kitchen remodel.  To my surprise, I met Kami and my project went from blah to AMAZING!!

    She carefully listened to my needs and wants.  The kitchen remodel went so well, I came back for my master bath remodel.  Being able to work with Kami made the entire process enjoyable and painless. Even when I was undecided, Kami kept moving forward with my vision; she confidently made the necessary decisions.  She even made a few “house calls” to properly measure and to solidify the layout.  Without a doubt, Kami has made my home a special place for my family.

    Amy Tenniswood

    Our dream of a major home remodeling project, our entire lower level, is soon going to be an amazing reality, with the expertise and creative talent of the team at American Home! They’ve been very professional, they took our ideas and turned them into stunning designs! The attention to detail is unsurpassed and we can’t wait to see our finished project. Thank you American Home for helping make your idea of home a permanent part of our home!

    Sue Vlahakis