National Kitchen and Bath Month

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October is the beginning of fall traditions, cozy fireside coffees, warm blankets, vibrant oranges and reds inspiring a sense of wonder and appreciation for the ever changing seasons. There’s no better place to celebrate the fall season than in your own home. Creating an environment that welcomes you in from the cold nights, bringing a feeling of contentment and peace.

Since 1982, October has been observed as National Kitchen and Bath Month. Just around the corner, the holiday season will be among us, bringing a sense of togetherness. Throughout history, October has been one of the most popular months for home remodels, particularly in the kitchen. It’s no surprise, as we prepare for the winter months indoors, the holidays, the family and friends coming and going for dinners, baking fresh warm breads, pies and the likes. We feel a sense of accomplishment by creating an improved space, one that encourages finding peace and relaxation inside, a sacred space where we can feel reprieve from the upcoming cold. And of course, celebrate good times with those closest to us with a good, warm meal.

Here at American Home, we embrace this month. We look forward to the new challenges, to discovering people’s ideas and dreams, and helping them meet that goal. The fresh, crisp cool air, the vibrant beautiful colors, brings a sense of comfort and joy to everyone around us. October is the start of beautiful changes, we embrace it with open arms.